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Do you suffer from allergies?

If you have experienced 3 or more of these symptoms, you may suffer from allergies:


•   Rash

•   Itchy, watery eyes

•   Stuffy nose, runny nose, or post-nasal drip

•   Nose and ears feel plugged

•   Difficulty breathing, shortness of breath

•   Itchiness

•   Green or yellow nasal mucous

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Do you have asthma?

If you have experienced 3 or more of these symptoms, you may suffer from asthma:


•   Frequent cough, especially at night

•   Shortness of breath

•   Feel tired or weak when exercising

•   Wheezing or coughing after exercising

•   Feel tired, easily upset, grouchy, or moody

•   Signs of a cold or allergies

•   Trouble sleeping


You don’t have to suffer any longer!

We are here for you.

With comprehensive services for evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of numerous allergic disorders and respiratory problems, including asthma, we provide the medical care you and your children need to breathe easier.


We specialize in the treatment of:

•   Allergic rhinitis (“hay fever”)

•   Bronchial asthma

•   Unexplained cough

•   Food allergies

•   Skin allergies

•   Eczema

•   Latex allergy

•   Stinging insect / bee allergy

•   Hives and angioedema (swelling)

•   Allergic drug reactions

•   Immunological disorders

•   Occupational asthma


Dr. Aminian and his staff will work hard to find the best treatment options for you. He takes the time to meet with each patient, every single time you visit. To see Dr. Aminian, click below to make an appointment today!

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