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The Allergy Institute and Dr. Aminian have been treating patients with allergy and asthma symptoms in the Central Valley for nearly 35 years. Our mission is simple: To provide our patients with exceptional medical care and compassion.


Dr. Aminian has been the local allergy and asthma expert on TV news for many years, providing our community with the allergy forecast and how it is impacting their daily lives.


Meet Our Staff

At the Allergy Institute, we are dedicated to providing the best medical care for your allergies and asthma. We believe exceptional care doesn’t just mean treating your symptoms, but also providing you with the compassion we would give our own families, from the time you walk in the door to when you are finished with your appointment. When you are here, you are family.


Dr. A.M. Aminian

Medical Director


Annie Her


Maryanne Ulloa - Medical Assistant and Receptionist copy.jpg

Maryanne Ulloa

Medical Assistant & Receptionist

Carla Weaver - Referral Coordinator.jpg

Carla Weaver

Referral Coordinator


Terrie Weber

Office Manager

Camy Myers - Medical Assistant.jpg

Camy Myers

Medical Assistant

Megan Jimenez - Medical Assistant and Receptionist.jpg

Megan Jimenez

Medical Assistant & Receptionist

Sandra Boren - Receptionist.jpg

Sandra Boren



Cary Catalano

Marketing Director

Lynn Blackwood - Medical Assistant.jpg

Lynn Blackwood

Medical Assistant

Dillion Lay - Scrib.jpg

Dillion Lay

Medical Scribe

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